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December 2017

The following friends will lead services in December


Dec 3rd 10.45am (*Communion) Rev Graham Lindley (Denton)


Dec 10th 10.45am Rev David Whitehall (Rainhill)


Dec 17th 10.45am with Puppeteers 12.30pm Lunch Service – Favourite carols (your choice)


Dec 24th 10.45am Rev Mike McDade 6.30pm Carols by Candlelight. Rev Mike McDade

Dec 31st 10.45am Mrs K Williams

We say a sincere thank you to the Rev Mike Edwards for kindly offering to conduct the whole of the Baptismal Service on November 26th in place of the Rev Pat Hinchsliff, following her unfortunate accident. Please continue to pray for Pat.

*communion from Nov 26th has been moved to Dec 3rd

The Gift That Keeps on Giving John 4:1-14

"The gift that keeps on giving" is a popular advertising slogan. Well, God gave the gift that never stops. He gave His Son! Jesus' statement to the woman at the well needs to be heard by the world. "If you knew the gift of God" could easily be one of the best introductions to the gospel.


We give gifts for a variety of reasons.

A. A bribe.

B. Out of a desire to please another person.

C. Or, because we do love them.

God gives His gifts out of grace.

A. Because of His free-heartedness.

B. Because of our need and lack of ability.

C. With no self-centered motives

God's greatest Gift is Jesus Himself.

A. We could not have known our need. Romans 5:8

B. He sought us rather than us seeking Him. Gen. 3

C. He gave because of our need. 2 Tim. 1:8-12

God's Gift keeps on giving.

A. It is eternal. John 10:27, 28

B. It is unconditional. Romans 5:15

C. It is for all. John 3:17

As we celebrate the great gift of God at Bethlehem we need hearts of compassion for those who have not yet known that Gift. We need to join Christ in His search for the lost of this world and allow them to know His salvation.

STAMFORD BAPTIST CHURCH http://www.sbchurch.org/html/2000_december_sermons


FLOWER DONORS DECEMBER Dec 3rd Jean D IMO Stephen and Eileen Dec 10th Diane & Kathleen Dec 17th IMO Mrs Novak Dec 24th Dec 31st

Once again the new year will change the dates of Sundays for flower donors – if this is going to affect your choice please amend the list in the foyer

BMS BIRTHDAYS December 28th Joanne Morton


We were alarmed and concerned to hear that Rev Pat Hinchsliff had been injured in a ‘car-jacking’ incident outside Atherton Baptist Church. This must have been a terrible shock and ordeal and we ask for your prayers that she makes a full recovery in the shortest time.

We know others in our fellowship have been unwell or ‘out of sorts’ and we hope that their health returns soon.




Friday Dec. 1st 10am Craft & Coffee; *none in January

Saturday Dec 2nd 10.30am – 12 noon Coffee Morning. * No Coffee Morning in January

Tuesdays 5th 12th and 19th 11.15am Prayer Meetings


Tuesday Dec. 19th 1.30pm Deacons Meeting


Churches in Leigh will be carol singing on Bradshawgate on Saturday 16th December, 12 -1pm. All welcome to join us.



24th December 6.30pm - Carols by Candlelight Service. This popular service is being repeated again and we hope for a full church.

There will be no service at LBC on Christmas Day this year. A list will be put up giving details of other churches



THANKS - a big thank you to all for your generosity towards Operation Christmas Child. We delivered 19 shoe-boxes plus additional items to Atherton for further onward shipment.





Baptismal Study Classes. A series of classes will begin shortly. Please see a Deacon if you feel this is the right thing for you to learn more about.


Bible Study – we would like to start another course of bible study. Please tell a deacon which time or day might suit you best.


Election of Officers / Deacons – this was held at the reconvened Church AGM - all existing post holders were confirmed and thanked for their commitment. Secretary post was re-elected. The Deacons are depleted in number and once again members were asked to prayerfully consider this. The situation becomes more pressing next year when posts come up for renewal.


FRESH STREAMS – Kathie and Val are attending a 3 day residential course in January and we pray this will be a useful time and for travelling mercies.


CHRISTMAS Lunch Dec 17th - Jean has kindly agreed to provide this – but we must have definite names and numbers for catering purposes - See form in foyer. Also list for Favourite Carols for lunch service.

















Wishing everyone a blessed Christmas time.


MAF ask us to pray for their work in Madagascar where 50% of children under 5 are malnourished. The MAF planes fly in healthcare, education, agricultural support and disaster relief.


BMS ask us to pray for teacher training in NEPAL through the efforts of Annie Brown , Dil Chetri and Krishna Bohora. Also the work with Street Children in Calcutta (Kolkata) and free schools in which 100 children sleeping rough are now receiving an education.


Kathie W asks us to pray for Kathleen & Daniel Gula in a situation of continuing aggression in N. Nigeria.


For January issue please submit by Dec 24th admin@leighbaptistchurch.org.uk


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