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July 7th  10.45am  Mrs Ruth Brawn (Radcliffe)   


July 14th   10.45am  Rev Mike Edwards (Chadderton)


July 21st  10.45am Fr Kevin Crinks (Leigh St Mary the Virgin Church)  12.30pm LUNCH


 July 28th   (communion) 10.45am  Mrs Val Hulme


 Aug 4th 10.45am Mr Eric Bushell (Radcliffe)

Aug 11th  10.45am Elaine Davies on BMS’ work  

Aug 18th 10.45am Mrs Val Hulme  12.30pm FAITH LUNCH then CHURCH MEETING

Aug 25th  10.45am Mrs Val Hulme  (communion)

** NB SUNDAY AUGUST 11th will see the Leigh Community Run and the usual access to LBC will be altered or restricted (but not blocked!!) Details of access will be given when we hear from Organisers.


Coffee and Craft July 5th  and Aug 2nd     10am-12pm  £3


Prayer Meetings Tuesdays 2, 9, 16,30  July,        Aug 6th 13th 20th 27th   @ 11.15am 

Sat July 13th   COFFEE MORNING for WWD Of Prayer 10.30am -12noon Please support

Mon July 29th Deacons meeting 7pm

Aug 10th Coffee morning 10.30am to 12noon

Advance Notice: On Sunday 15th Sept there will be NO service at LBC. Instead we will go to Wigan Baptist Church as the Gen Secretary of the B.U. Lynn Greene will be speaking. For those able to attend we will arrange shared transport.

Our Pastoral Leader will be on holiday Sat July 20th to 27th    and Mon 26th Aug to Sun 1st Sept. We wish her rest and a restorative break.

FLOWER DONORS                                         July 7th Mrs K Williams     July 21st Mrs V Hilton               Aug 11th Mrs K Williams                                                                                     Aug 18th R and D Allen  IMO Pat Rogers                                          Aug 25th  IMO Mrs Novak                 

 BMS birthdays                                                                                Aug 2nd  Bill Morton           Aug 11th John Allen


It was heartening to see young Giulia go through the waters of Baptism, along with a group of believers from Kirkhall Lane IM. We wish her every blessing for the rest of her life. This was Val’s first baptism and we congratulate her on this achievement, which was conducted jointly in English and Parsi.

We were shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death of Stefan P.   (the Late Hilda H’s son in law).  The funral will take place at Leigh Cemetery at 12pm on Monday 1st July conducted by Val Hulme. Our sincere condolences are with Gillian and the family.

The Rev Ted Kelly, a former LBC minister organised a PRAYER DIARY/calendar where members, local groups and issues were remembered on different days through the month. As Christians we are urged to pray (see Colossians 4:2 and 1 Thessalonians 5:17) It would be good to reintroduce the prayer diary so we can pray for one another and other people regularly. If you would like yourself and your family to be included please let Val know as soon as possible.

LEIGH SPORTS VILLAGE CHURCH  are using our premises on Sun 14th July from 4om onwards.







Why do people not answer God’s call?

1) Some people simply do not want to pay the price! They know that God has asked them to consider the costs of saying "yes," so they say "no." Like the rich ruler, they weigh what they have against what God may ask from them, and they let the phone ring.

2) Some people don't answer God's call because they are afraid of the unknown. It isn't so much that they've weighed the cost of following Jesus as it is that they can't be sure of where Jesus will lead them. I heard of one woman who never volunteered for anything at church. Finally her pastor asked her "why," and she said, "I don't raise my hand because God might send me to Africa as a missionary."

3) Some people can't tell the difference between God's voice, the world's voice, or even their own voice. Everything seems to "ding" nowadays and it is easy to get confused. Is God calling me to join the choir, or is He calling me to spend more time at home? Am I hearing God's voice, my wife's voice, the pastor's voice, or my own?

4 Some people don't answer God's call because they have faulty expectations. Like the man who will not write a book until the great American novel just comes to him, some people believe that God always speaks in grand ways. They forget that God has always called men and women from the ordinariness of their lives and that He specializes in calling people whom others would least suspect.


Let me conclude by asking you to keep these things in mind as you listen for God's call.

1) God never gives up. Your phone will keep ringing;

2) It is also certain that the call will meet a need in the world because God will not call you to a self-indulgent work;

3) The call will be do-able because God equips those whom He calls. His call may stretch you, but God will provide a way;

Contributed by Rev Ken Shedenhelm 




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