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Contact:  admin@leighbaptistchurch.org.uk

Pastoral leader: Mrs Val Hulme



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       FEBRUARY 2020


The following friends will lead services in February

Feb 2nd  10.45am   Val Hulme

Feb 9th  10.45am   Val Hulme 

Feb 16th  10.45am  Pastor Lawrence  12.30pm  &

Lunch service. Pastor Lawrence

Feb 23rd 10.45am Rev David  Whitehall  (Rainhill)

 (Communion)   ** followed by  12.30pm 

Church Meeting  bring your own butties

Mar  1st    10.45am Mr Eric Bushell ( Radcliffe)



Coffee and crafts: Friday  Feb 7th 10am -12    £3

Toddlers @ LBC. Tuesdays 9.30am -11am. £1.50

 per child, 50p siblings.  Please advertise this


Prayer Meetings  every Tuesday  at 11.30am


Deacons Meeting . Sun March 1st. 12.45pm   



We now need to actively seek more volunteers to help us, after all this is the best cup of coffee, crumpets  and chat in Leigh, and has been a great source of fellowship over many years. Please see if you can pop in on the 2nd Saturday of each month as a customer and also offer to serve at least one coffee morning a year as a kitchen helper.  Please speak to Val if you can

Coffee Morning   8th Feb  10.30 am to 12 noon.     



23rd Feb  CHURCH MEETING after morning service (12.30pm bring your own butties)

BMS Birthdays  Feb 21st David W

Flower Donors Feb 23rd Mrs K Williams

Please support the new venture Toddlers @ LBC begun by Val and Susan by spreading the word to suitable families and also praying for the work being done.

BMS prayer requests; we are asked to pray for the people of CHAD, the fourth poorest country in the world and where BMS provides medical services and Christian hope in this fragile country. Please pray for Doctors Andrea and Mark Hotchkin at Bardai Hospital.

Everything I need to know about life –lessons from Noah’s Ark

  1. Don’t miss the boat
  2. Remember we are all in the same boat
  3. Plan ahead – it wasn’t raining when Noah started building
  4. Stay fit. Someone may ask you to do something really big
  5. Don’t listen to critics, Just get on with the job that needs doing
  6. Build your future on high ground
  7. For safety’s sake travel in pairs
  8. Speed isn’t always an advantage. The snails were on board with the cheetahs
  9. The Ark was built by amateurs. The Titanic by professionals
  10. No matter the storm , when you are with God there is always a rainbow waiting

       (UNKNOWN. ‘borrowed’ from assorted church magazines )

                        A Haven in the Storm                         

  I do not know what life may hold, if good or ill I’ll see.   What twists and turns may yet unfold what trials yet might be.                                                                                                                     I cannot see if light will shine or darkness fall once more, what destiny might still be mine what future lies in store.                                                                                               But even if the way is tough and storms begin to blow, the gales prove strong, the water rough . one thing Lord I still know,                                                                                                that you’ll be there, supporting me, a faithful, loving guide -  A constant help who will not fail to strengthen and provide.                                                                                                                 I have no need to ask for more nor any cause to fear: Whatever life may hold for me I know that you’ll be near.

©Nick Fawcett  (Kevin Mayhew 2005)

Items for March to John by Mon Feb 17th please

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