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Pastoral leader: Mrs Val Hulme



Jan  6th   10.45am   Mrs Val Hulme


Jan 13th  10.45am Pastor Lawrence (Atherton)  


Jan 20th   10.45am Mr Andrew Hunter (Tyldesley)    12.30pm Lunch service  TBC


Jan 27th   10.45am Covenant service and Communion Mrs Val Hulme 12.30pm VISION MEETING  - bring your own lunch   


OUR NEW YEAR’S MESSAGE:                    We don’t know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future. Since no man knows the future, who can tell what is to come?  Ecclesiastes 8:7.   This morning I have two calendars on my desk. One for 2019 and one for last year. You can see that my calendar is all marked up with the things I did over the past year, This calendar is of no use to me now except to help me remember what I did. My new calendar is nice with  blank , clear pages and is ready for me to start planning. Pretty soon my new calendar will be filled up and start to look like the old one, There is nothing wrong with planning for the future but we can’t know what is in the future as the quote from Ecclesiastes reminds us. We can put appointments in our diary from now to next December but the only day that we can be sure of is TODAY!  Some people worry because they can’t be sure of the future but we can be sure we know who holds the future. The future is in God’s hands. We can’t be sure of tomorrow but we have today to try to live it the way God planned it.  Lord thank you for giving us ‘Today’. ©Sermons4Kids 2018




No Coffee Morning in January – these will resume in February  


No Coffee and Craft in January – next meet on Feb 8th 10-12  £3


Prayer Meetings Tuesdays 15, 22, 29  January  @ 11.15am

FLOWER DONORS,   New Year brings new Sunday dates -  please swap with someone if you wish to change

Jan 6th vacant      Jan 13th  K Smith

Jan 20th  vacant   Jan 27th Mrs K Blears

BMS birthdays – 10th Ken S                            11th Rob A    20th Jean D


It is lovely to start with happy news  - the safe arrival of Georgia Rose, on 17th December, to Hannah and Matt. A great granddaughter to Kathie Williams.    We remember Mrs A and her recent family bereavement. Please continue to support in prayer Joanne M and Hilda H and other friends with needs you may be aware of.

VISION MEETING – this will be on Sunday Jan 27th at 12.30pm and we would ask you to put this date in your diaries. One of the things that will be discussed is whether or not we are meeting the aims of our Vision and Mission Statements. These have been put on card and were distributed previously. If you didn’t receive one please ask Val for a copy. The leadership would encourage you to be praying about this as we seek God’s guidance for the future direction of our church. We have had one or two response already so if you are able to write some responses please do so and pass to Val to be used as a starting points for discussion on the day.

The next Church and Congregation meeting is on Sunday Feb 10th at 12.30pm: bring your own butty

CHRISTIANS IN LEIGH prayer space has begun again on 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month above Bridgewater’s Cafe. Join in  Prayers for our Town.

For FEBRUARY  issue please submit by Jan 20th  

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