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Contact: admin@leighbaptistchurch.org.uk

Moderator: Rev Mike McDade (Warrington)



The following friends will lead services in January


Jan 7th 10.45am Rev M McDade -covenant service

Jan 14h 10.45am Rev Mike Edwards (Chadderton)


Jan 21st 10.45am Elaine Davies (for BMS) -12.30pm Church meeting. (no lunch service) (Bring a butty)


Jan 28th 10.45am (communion) Rev Dr Brian Haymes (Altrincham)



January 6th is traditionally associated with the visit of the Magi / or 3 kings. Travelling by night they know the interconnectedness of heaven and earth. They know to seek and search and follow the star and then to enter and pay homage. They found the new born king in a humble abode - a surprising Epiphany. Warned not to return to Herod but take a different way home, the Kings recognised the danger in the land.

Let’s not think that Christmastime is simply a harmless Hallmark tradition. The time of Jesus’ birth, like today, held danger and threat to life. Like being born in Syria today under President Assad’s rule by violence. The life of God is a risky and yet powerful business, It seeks to change the world, one heart at a time.

As you and I journey in these uncertain times, let us be inspired and empowered and allow our hearts to be opened to Jesus who calls forth the best in us : love, joy, and hope.


No Coffee Morning in January – resumes in February

No Coffee and Craft in January

Prayer Meetings Tuesdays 16, 23 and 30th only January @ 11.15am

Sunday 21st January Church and Congregation Meeting 12:30 pm. (instead of Lunch Service) Lunch will not be served- bring your own butty.

16th Jan 7.30pm Network Praise meeting- Bridgewater Baptist Church, Eccles

16th Jan Deacons meeting 1.30pm

FLOWER DONORS, New Year brings new Sunday dates - please swap with someone if you wish to change Jan 7th vacant Jan 14th K & J Smith Jan 21st Jean Donagain 28th Mrs K Blears


10th Ken Smith 11th Rob Allen 20th Jean Donagain

THANKS to all who helped in any way with the special Christmas services and events over the Season, including puppets, church lunch, Christmas Eve candles & carol service and other special efforts. We are few in number and so everyone’s contribution is hugely appreciated and needed! Thanks also to our Moderator for sparing his time in this busy period.

Teresa of Avila was a 16th Century Carmelite nun. She wrote “Every problem we could possibly have can be solved by doing one thing: Believing that the real God is really present as we pray”


For FEBRUARY issue please submit by Jan 21st admin@leighbaptistchurch.org.uk

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